Pallet Mould

Sino is one of the leading Chinese pallet mould companies in Southeast of China, who has been widely recognized as the professional Pallet mould company. We are specialized in manufacturing various kinds of mould, such as thin wall injection mould,  dust bin mould, Home appliance mould, various bin mould, crate mould, chair mould, PET perform mould, paint bucket mould and so on.,we have a very strong and top quality mentality working team. We can offer you the good quality mould with best price.

Pallet mould has a very strong managing and Quality Controlling team, the team included totally more than 120 people.  From the Pallet parts 3D model to the mould T1, we have very rigorous analysis, studying and quality controlling.

  1. 3D Pallet design mould-flow analyzing.

    When we got the Pallet 3D model from our customer, we will have a meeting with all the related officers to discuss about the 3D design shortcoming… to find if there is any place has the tooling problem. For example: de-moulding angle, strength, Pallet filling, deforming, thickness, texture...after all these discussing, we will start to make a mould-flow analyzing. If there is any questions or problems, we will contact to our customer.

  2. Pallet mould design technical meeting.

    All our related officers will have the meeting for the pallet mould design, in this meeting, all the technical points will be mentioned out. Such like the pallet mould steel, pallet mould basic structure, Pallet material and its' MFI, customer's special requirements, customer's injection machine's parameters, the components machining process…China pallet mould makers

  3. After the pallet mould design ready, the mould design Quality Controlling department will start the inspection of the mould design. * Mould structure inspection * Mould action and guiding system inspection * Mould injection system inspection * Mould cooling system inspection *Mould ejection system inspection * Mould easy damage area inspection......

  4. When we got the design approval from our customer, we will start the steel cutting, for the steel inspection, we use a good quality scan device to check if there is any crack or impurities. And the hardness measurer will tell us if the hardness is o.k. or even.
  5. Machining.
    During the machining, we also do basic quality controlling, we need to check the steel hardness. We make two or 3 stages machining. 1st stage is rough machining, some time we make half precise machining. The final stage is precise high speed milling or machining. We always considered the steel deform when machining on it…
  6. After machining CMM & other dimension controlling.
    After the machining processed, we have 2 sets of CMM, 1 projection measuring instruments for cavities / cores and other components dimension checking. If the dimension meets the tolerance, then we will take it to our assembling shop. Otherwise, we will do re-machining immediately.
  7. We have Quality Controlling officers and project manager will control the quality points when the mould assembling.
  8. Before the mould T1, the mould will be disassembled for QC, and Pallet Mould Co. has the T1 standard. If the mould does not meet the standard. We can not make any mould testing.
  9. Pallet Mould has more than 15 sets of different size of machine which are specially for mould testing. Our operation team with rich experiences, this team's task is to find the mould shortcoming and what should be improved. We make mass simulation after T1 improvements.
  10. All the data such like: mould design, tooling drawings, various inspection records, mould daily log, mould testing report, mould testing videos, mould operation manual…we send to our customer during the mould processing period....