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Plastic Moulding Service

If you need plastic moulding service, that’s starting a new plastic item production in other companies with cost minimization, Sino Mould is one of the most capable and affordable plastic moulding manufacturers and we can get the items done right. Check the following points that what we can do for your plastic part moulding and start your custom part.
The plastic moulding items
There is a wide range of plastic product could be done by us, no matter easy or not. And this time, what we’d like to talk is the small household appliances, the complete product with complex components. That’s what you can get from our plastic moulding service, not the plastic parts but the finally product ready for market.

Household Appliances Moulding Service

Why small household appliances?
The key reason is the cost reduction pursuing.
As we all know that the small domestic appliance (portable or semi-portable) can be seen as the plastic parts and metal parts (aluminum) with the electrical power core.
For better understanding, list the bi-color blender as an example:
-The cost for the metal usually is higher in your country than in China.
-The bi-color body requires the bi-color injection moulds and machines, the cost would be higher than normal mould and machine. Anyway, Chinese injection mould is more cost-efficient for the high quality.
-The parameter adjustment for plastic parts is not so easy, especial for bi-color parts, such as the impact of tolerance management on your product, it would require the hi-tech engineer, so there will be another necessary cost.
-The assembling is a labor intensive and time-consuming process, the cost is also lower in China.
-Purchasing cost and purchasing time cost, for all kinds of components, a heavy work.

  • Why Injection molding service at Sino Mould?
  • 25+ Year
    We specialize in manufacturing quality plastic injection moulds and plastic products with 25+ years of experience.

  • 1 Source
    Maintain consistent quality and guaranteed lead times from a single manufacturer, besides, it saves you time, energy, and money.

  • 100% Satisfaction
    Based on the support of our experienced, skilled and knowledgeable team members, who strive to accomplish the various organizational objectives, we offers the plastic moulding solution satisfied our customers.

  • 1+1>2 Service
    Our plastic moulding service not only includes plastic injection molding; also assembling final products – it is high-quality service that meets your individual needs and specification.

  • So we can offer the complete plastic moulding service as below:

    The basic is the feasibility of your item moulding, it is usually easy for us as our well know-how design team, almost any plastic small home appliances can be achieved, just note that the part should allow ejection from the mould.
    Market Demand
    Beyond that, the market demand (product function) for your item would be our major discussion for improving your competitive advantage. We would help to offer our suggestion based on understating your idea to ensure the final product idea reacting fast to market dynamics in the shortest time.
    As the product is innovative, no one could ensure the every detail would be what we want even if it was 100% perfect in theory, it could be only proved by practice.
    Thus, we would make the idea to real object by all ways, such as the 3D printing, experimental mould. Not only the plastic parts, but also the other components, to get the final product which be checked comprehensively.
    If there is something needing to be improved, then do it until it is unanimously agreed to be good enough at that time.
    It is our professional and convenient process to manufacture the moulds and arrange the components purchasing, we will do it to ensure the agreed quality within your budget as plan.
    Tips: Plastic molding is part of our vertically integrated offering, so this step, you can just learn something where you are interested if you’d like to, everything will be controlled well by us with offering the related reports.
    It starts mass production according the plan once the test products from step 3 are agreed by you. It would also be related to kinds of post treatments, like pad printing, heat staking, ultra-sonic welding… it would be arranged well too.
    Then it is near the ending, but the final QC is still important, every product should be checked well to pass to be packaged.
    Arrange the final production shipping according our schedule to reach your market.

    What you can get?
    Step 1: A best solution for your plastic product based on all-round requirement.
    Step 2: A proved item with the minimum risk.
    Step 3: A complete schedule for all processes and necessary reports.
    Step 4: A punch of products ready for shipping.
    Step 5: A class products ready for business in your market.
    We continually strive to improve and optimize our processes and maximize customer convenience, one is eliminating minimum order quantity, help you start your business with the lower investment but still perfect plastic moulding solution.
    If you’d like to start your new plastic project, mail us your product design or send the message in below contact form for a competitive plastic moulding quote.