One-stop Plastic Injection Molding

One-stop plastic injection molding service of SINO MOULD is meaning that we can offer you the plastic components molding service start from the plastic components 3D design, molds manufacturing, plastic components injection molding or plastic components surface finishing treatment and plastic components assembling.
One-stop plastic components injection molding service can be started from the plastic components 3D design, it can also be started from mold making or the customers supplying the ready molds. After the plastic injection molding service, SINO also can offer the plastic components surface treatment service with assembling and packaging services.
Please kindly read below to understand that why SINO is your best supplier for one-stop plastic injection molding services:
Plastic design and mould making.
Sino Holdings Group started from Sino Mould Co., Ltd. This is meaning that the group is started from the mould making, in the mold making section, SINO is the very famous moulds manufacturer in the world, it has more than 20-year mould making history. Sino Mould has strong design teams for plastic design and moulds design, has provided the plastic design service to the world plastic industries for more than 20 years. Which make SINO become one of the biggest moulds manufacturers in the world. Due to the rich experiences and rigorous on plastic mould design, researching on machining process and machining results inspection, the manufactured moulds are high precise, and high efficiency. It reduced the plastic injection molding cost.
Plastic injection molding.
Sino has different size of plastic injection molding machines from Dakumar, has a 4000㎡ for plastic injection molding and 3000㎡ for plastic assembling and packing.
Based on the top quality and high precision plastic injection molding machines, SINO also established two 500㎡ dust free medical mouldings workshops. SINO molding service has got the TS16949 certificate, and all the process of the plastic injection molding service are followed with TS16949.
Good moulds, good machines and good process kept the good quality molding services, the Italian robots system, good cooling and air conditions keep the low cost for plastic injection molding.
Moulded plastic components surface treatment.
Sino Holdings Group has two top quality PU and UV painting lines, the team with more than 8-year experience from Guangzhou, we have made many service for OEM, such like Chinese mobile phone cases sets, home appliances components, automotive inner trim plastic components... have the partnership with one of the local plating companies eles. Please click this link to see some of the components which we have made.
Plastic components assembling & packing
Sino has 4000 square meter for plastic components finishing quality controlling and related parts assembling with packaging.
If you need any plastic components or any sets of plastic need to be made, please contact us.