PVC Molding

PVC Molding China, Chinese PVC Molds Manufacturer Company : CNMOULD

PVC molding now is more and more popular that used in the building industry today because of its corrosion-resistant characteristics, such as PVC pipe fittings. How to mold a PVC? What are the DOs and DON'Ts on PVC molding? 

           Don't burn it. When you burn it, the fumes of PVC are acidic, which means we should not use hot runner in PVC molding. Usually we use edge gate as you know PVC material's melting flow is not very good.

As it can releases acid gases which has strong corrosive during PVC molding, not only PVC molds but also PVC injection machines should require special processing, otherwise both of them can be damaged. For PVC molds, we should use stainless steel such as DIN1.2316. There are specific screw designs for PVC molding, also there are some fans on the machine barrel which lower the material tempurature as PVC is shear sensitive. Also Sino also has found an effective way to prevent the acid gases which might be breathing by we workers during PVC molding. Greatly increases the production security.

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