Plastic Industrial Design

Sino Mould offers you the plastic industrial design service, the plastic design is able to start from an ideas, a picture, a draft or improved from a solid sample. When you need a plastic industrial design, and you only have the idea of the products function. After you tell us your products function, products consumer group, products innovating mentalities... Sino Mould can help you to work out one ideal 3D plastic industrial design. The processing steps are listed as below:
Analyzing your plastic industrial design requirements.
It is necessary that you tell us why you want to design such a product, because we need this to analyse the market, function. Only in this way, we can find the products shape and can have the inspiration to work out a super design.
Draft shape for your choice.
After we got your necessary information, our teams will work out the shape draft for your choice. Normally, we will work out 3 or even more drafts for your choice. If you think any of our suggestions are good, then we will start the next step.
Design renderings.
Based on your selection of the draft shape design, we will work out the solid 3D design and make the design into renderings for your reference. After the confirmation of the design renderings we will forward to the next step.
Inner parts dimension
Due to most of our products has the inner PCB board, mechanical components or other related function parts, we need all the dimensions to internal precise designs and then fix the external size of the products.
Based all above steps, Sino Mould will offer you all the information of the products dimension, components material suggestion, packaging suggestions, we even can help your packaging solutions from design to the sampling.
Please contact us for plastic industrial design service, we are sure that you will be satisfied. For the plastic industrial design, we have the customers such as Media in China, Anyfix in German, Fagor Spain, ABB USA...