Injection molding machine is the thermosetting plastic into different shapes of the mold, the final realization of plastic products molding equipment. And extra large injection molding machines use electromagnetic heaters to achieve the effect of energy saving, and in terms of power consumption and energy...



Plastic Pallet Mould

1.The SINO MOULD company has strong technical force, high salary hired a group of mold engineers and mold leaders with many years of mold development and pallet design experience. And has an independent mold design department, combined with UG, PRO/E, AutCAD and Cimatron and other software, to provide cus...



Plastic Paint Molding Tips

Plastic Paint Molding Tips:1. The roof should be smooth, no stuck, no abnormal sound.2. The inclined top surface should be polished, and the inclined top surface is lower than the core surface.3. The sliding parts shall be provided with oil groove, and the surface shall be nitrided, and the surface hardne...



What Services Does SINO Company Provide to Customers

SINO Holdings Group established in 2000years, is a professional manufacturer in plastic injection molding equipment, includes mould, plastic injection machine, and auxiliary machine, help customers making the most reasonable plastic injection molding solution. SINO commission is making molding more v...


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