Plastic Folding Crate Mould

Plastic folding crate have a wide range of applications in daily life, and more and more companies and individuals are choosing it to store or transport various items. Sino Mould specializes in manufacturing various types of folding crate mould, including fruit crate, thin-walled crate...



The Necessity Of Mold Maintenance

In the process of mold operation, mold maintenance is very important. Mold repaired more times, the mold life will be less. So we must maintain the mold regularly. Let us share with you some of our maintenance experience. The necessity of mold maintenance 1. Keep the nor...



SINO After-sale Service

As a manufacturer specializing in the plastic injection molds, SINO Company main business: crate mold, thin-wall container mold ,PET preform mold, pipe fittings mold, bucket molds, chair&table molds….SINO's value is make molding more valuable. Having a complete after-sales service make customers t...



Thin-wall Food Container Mould

Sino Mould pays great importance to thin-wall injection molding technology. With the diversification of the market demand for thin-wall boxes, our disposable box moulds have been also designed with one, two, four and six cavities to meet the demand of customers' the production efficiency.&nb...


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