Mould slide/plastic molding slide


To some mould with slide, mould slide/plastic molding slide is quite important during the plastic molding design.  Here I’d like to illustrate some key points of mould slide/plastic molding slide.

Mould slide/plastic molding slideangle lift hole of mould slide/plastic molding slide has low demands for the position and surface toughness. So the precision of hole is lower. To guarantee the mould slide / plastic molding slide processing precision and surface toughness is very important.

Mould slide/plastic molding slidemould slide/plastic molding slide lead rail and angle lift have higher requirements for the abrasive restriction, so the heating treatment is needed to guarantee the hardness.  There is depth of parallelism in every surface of mould slide/plastic molding slide, so the verticality and positional precision is the main standard of positioning. Knockdown mould slide/plastic molding slide positioning standard locates in the side surface between bottom and vertical side.

Mould slide/plastic molding slideduring the processing period, the working redundancy can be assured according to the spare parts size and processing craft. To guarantee the concentricity between mould angle lift hole and guide pin hole, we can do the processing after assembling the mould plate. Besides, for these holes are easy to be abrasive, it has certain demands for the hardness, so we have to avoid the deforming and decrease the surface toughness.

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